How They Removed 1,400 Cars

Sunken Ship Pulled From The Bottom Of The Ocean Loaded With Over 1,400 Cars Still Intact!

You would think that once a ship has lost its buoyancy and found its way to the bottom of the ocean, it has found its permanent resting spot, but boy would you (and we) be wrong.
Apparently not all ships are left to sit at the bottom of the ocean, since this cargo ship which was one of the biggest vehicle movers of its time and unfortunately sunk, is being raised from the ocean floor, but for all the wrong reasons.
Filled with about 1,400 vehicles, the Baltic Ace vessel collided with a container ship, at one of the busiest shipping lanes leading to the famous Rotterdam port, sending it and its precious cargo to the bottom of the sea.
While most of us would beg for all those vehicles to be rescued, the main reason that the Dutch government spend all that cash is the fact that it wants to preserve mother nature, and its shipping lanes.
Play the video and see all those vehicles come back to dry land.

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