What have we become and why? Is it all about the Benjamin’s these days? The reason we are saying this is because this man Paul Pantone, the inventor of the GEET Fuel Processor was arrested and send to court only to be declared as mentally ill. The reason behind his ordeal is his invention that runs on 80% water and only 20 % fuel, and yet on the video it still runs great, and as a bonus there are no poisonous gasses coming out of the tailpipe. Supposedly all this happened to him only because he refused to sell his engine to the oil companies to be buried in some basement not reaching production, because it would be a threat to all the current vehicle manufacturers. At the end of the trial he was sent to a mental institution only to break him and force him to sell the patent.
Incredibly cruel or just the way the world conducts business?
Watch the video and tell us your opinions.

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