Dodge Dart Driver Loses Rear Axle While Showing Off (VIDEO)


Watch this dashcam footage which was posted online recently and it demonstrates the back hub of a muscle car and it turned out to be totally drawn from the vehicle.

This happened in Edmonton, and astonishing dashcam footage got really popular. This feature catches what gives off an depiction and impression of a red Dodge Dart passing some vehicle in front of it with the dash camera before snapping and ending without one part. The back end of this muscle car skips upwards and the back hub with both back wheels breaks easily, and it was left on the street where event happened. RCMP affirm that this episode happened in Stony Plain, a town west of Edmonton, on May, 2015.

Driver has uncovered an evident video and it become viral shortly after posting online. While trying to be a hot shot, this funny driver of this muscle car is in for one insane happening! You would never guess that your back part will rip right off of a car, especially when you want to impress girls. Observe this crazy footage and share it with your friends. The sensational situation happened in the town west of Edmonton recently and it was caught.

There are no charges for this misfortune. Video lasts only one minute, but this is enough for you and your friends to enjoy and have some laughs. There are more than one million and forty thousand views so far, be one of those viewers and click like. Passengers are not so mature, but would you laugh too if you have seen this in front of your car?

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