Motorcycle vs deer : Unbelievable bike – control at 85 mph!


Motorcycle vs deer : Unbelievable bike- control at 85 mph!

Isn’t that just the day you’ve been waiting for…
You got all your riding buddies with you, then you strap your gear on, put a camera on the helmet and you are ready for a nice ride thru the country.
But then something happens that will make you remember this as one of the luckiest days in your life. Out of nowhere a deer jumps on the road at 85 MPH, and you have literally zero milliseconds to react and all you can do is hope for the best. Well this is what happened to this guy on this day. The animal jumped in front of the bike and miraculously he kept it on the road and managed not to fall.
After he stops you can see the extent of damage to his bike is severe and he even lost the front brake. But after all, that can all be fixed and the amazing thing is he rode out of the whole ordeal unharmed.

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