Stoned Biker Gives Cop A Beatdown!

Stoned Biker Gives Cop A Beatdown

The next video that you are about to watch is a piece of reality TV programing about police officers, and while it all starts as a routine check, things escalate once the perpetrator decides he no longer wants to be detained but would rather run away from the police.
This starts a scuffle that lasts for a while during which one of the police officers ends up severely cut from the few blows from the stoned biker, who fights off both of the cops for a minute there.
Once you watch the video, even without listening to the accent of the officers, you will know that none of this is happening in the states, you know that if this was the US that biker would at least have his head cracked by the second officer, or probably would have been shot already.

Instead, he only got 9 months in prison for assault and for possession of illegal substances.

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