Science Experiment Liquid Nitrogen vs Full Pepsi Can!

Science Experiment LIQUID NITROGEN vs PEPSI!

Before we talk about this vide we have to say, please don’t try this at home, or if you decide to do it, take all the necessary precautions and use all the necessary safety gear because liquid nitrogen is so cold and dangerous it will cause severe frostbite instantly if it comes in contact with your skin.

This video comes to us from the YouTube channel called MrGear which amazingly has managed to accumulate about 5 million subscribers by now and even this video has almost 14 million views, so apparently, people want to see stuff frozen in liquid nitrogen and then smashed into pieces.
This time he uses the extremely cold liquid which is at astonishing -350 degrees and gives a Pepsi can a bath in it for a couple of seconds, which is apparently long enough to freeze the insides of the can into a glassy state.
How many blows from a hammer can a frozen solid Pepsi can take? Well play the video and find out, and remember MrGear did it so you won’t have to.

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