Bank Robbers Blow The Doors Off Armored Car During Rush Hour!

Two Thieves Steal an Undisclosed Amount of Money After Blowing Up a Bank Truck!
It appears that somebody has been watching the famous 1995 movie Heat way too many times, and decided that the guys in the movie had the right idea but not the best way to execute it, so they added a little touch of their own.
In the middle of rush hour traffic, a BMW and a Mercedes started shooting the tires of the armored vehicle and got it to stop. Once stationary instead of picking the locks and loosing valuable time, these pros used explosive and blew the roof and doors of the vehicle.
The fact that the only person injured was a bystander who was unlucky enough to catch flying debris, only points to the fact of how well planned and measured their attack was.
Check out this amazing footage of a real-life robbery in which the guys made out with an amount of money that the banks are still not daring to disclose.

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