This ’71 Corvette Is Probably The Coolest Modernized Stingray You’ll See

This ’71 Corvette Is Probably The Coolest Modernized Stingray You’ll See!

The 1971 Corvette Stingray is one of the most sought after Corvettes of all time and there is a good reason for it, this insanely popular classic looks better than many brand-new versions of sports cars today, and the looks alone bring a different simpler and to some, better era of life.
The small issue with owning a car that was designed in 1971, is well the actual fact that it has been designed and engineered in that era, when nobody had even heard of all the electronics that we are used to and rely on in today’s age, and all the other amenities and comforts that we are used to in everyday driving.
This is why Heartland Customs decided to modernize the entire car, and believe us this is no easy task because the line between modernizing a classic car like this and killing the spirit that the original Stingray has, is very thin, but apparently, these guys are spot on.
They have managed to install a touchscreen that controls the so called secondary switches for the air-conditioning and similar comfort amenities as well as the hidden gun compartment.
The seats look very comfortable but we are almost certain those are Mazda RX8 seats, (feel free to correct us in the comments section).
Under that beautiful hood lies a real monster, a GM LS3 427 small block engine that breathes thru a Magnussen supercharger in order to provide all the modern super car power.
Check out the video of what appears to be one of the best modernized Stingrays we have ever seen.

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