The “Flying Millyard” 5 Litre V Twin first test run!

The Flying Millyard 5 Litre V Twin first test run

INSANE Homemade 5 Liter V-Twin Engine!!!

Home made insanity at its finest. The recipe for this one is quite simple, you take two Pratt & Whitney R1340 aircraft cylinders, align them in a V configuration and you get a homemade 5 Liter V-Twin. The rest of the build was managed by these guys who made custom crankshaft, connecting rods and the other moving parts. Considering how precise these moving parts need to be then the machining skills and manufacture skills that these guys have are really impressive. In order to run the engine dry sump, they installed two oil pumps, and continued with twin SU carburetors manual advance and retard, points ignition and for bigger boom they installed two spark plugs per cylinder. Now the question we have to ask you is what would you power with this monster?

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