Tow-Off! 7.3L Super Duty vs 6.4L Super Duty!


Tow-off battle between 7.3 L Super Duty and 6.4 L Super Duty!
We know that this night battle of super giants will be interesting for you. Here you can see two of the best tow trucks. The one is a 7.3 liter Super Duty, while the other is 6.4 liter Super Duty, and they are towing just for your entertainment. The 7.3 liter Super Duty is much bigger in height, so the 6.4 liter Super Duty will have to be very careful when the battle starts if it doesn’t want to be pulled simply like taffy. The fact that the 6.4 liter Super Duty is smaller doesn’t mean that it is not strong. It made more torque and power than the 7.3 ever had. In the following battle you will see if this is enough for the 6.4 liter Super Duty to beat the 7.3 liter Super Duty truck.

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