How NOT to Load a Trailer with a Ford Super Duty Pickup Truck!


Truck loading goes wrong – How not to load a truck on a trailer!

In case you’ve never loaded a vehicle on a trailer, there are a few things you have to be careful of and one of them is securing the trailer making sure it does not move, for this you can use chock blocks or a couple of big rocks. This will make sure the vehicle that is being loaded will not dislocate the trailer upon loading and will also make sure you don’t damage the vehicle you are trying to load or the trailer.
The other thing you need to remember is also very important, and it’s simple, GO SLOW! There is literally no difference if you load the vehicle in 10 seconds or 1 minute, since let’s face it, you are not in a NASCAR race and you will not lose the first place or the championship in those 50 seconds.
Apparently, this guy did neither of these two steps, so as soon as that Ford Super Duty hits that trailer ramp at speed, the whole trailer moves forward causing the loading ramps to literally tear up what seemed like a brand-new vehicle.
Watch the worst loading ever in the video bellow and check out the extent of the damage caused by the hastiness of these two “professionals”.

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