670HP Dodge Challenger Chased By ZX-10R


Dodge Challenger Chased By ZX-10R Is The Thing You Will See!

The Kawasaki ZX-10R is one of the most powerful 1000cc bikes that are on the market at the moment. This driver was on his way to his friend driving along the Autobahn when he came across a Dodge Challenger SRT8 that the driver claims has about 670 hp engine. Now that’s some real power that will give that powerful crotch rocket a run for its money. Too bad that the left lane was crowded by drivers that were doing “only” about 200 km/h, and were slowing this duo all the time otherwise we would have probably seen the “limited” 299 km/h on that bike’s display and see if that would be enough to keep up with the muscle car. Watch the video and give us your educated guess, who would have won this race, the bike or the car?

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