Lamborghini Fording The Flood San Diego River!


Lamborghini Drivers Still Fearless When It Comes To Fording: Video

Is it a Lambo? Is it a submarine? Who could know…

The first thing that comes to mind once you start watching the video is “How is this eve possible?” Sport cars are designed to sit as low as possible to the ground in order to handle the turns better than any other vehicle. Lower center of gravity is key when designing them so the engine and gearbox sit as low as they possibly can in order to help this basic physics principle. So once we take this into consideration there is no way a sport car should be able to ford water like this Lamborghini is. Well actually there is. In order to suck in huge gulps of cold air for that engine the air intakes on this car sit pretty high on the rear of the vehicle so because of this the Lambo can apparently drive thru some pretty deep stuff without the engine suffocating. Watch the video and tell us, would you dare do this in a supercar?

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