Typical Evo Driver Cuts off Motorcycle – Instant Karma!

Typical Evo Driver Cuts off Motorcycle - Instant Karma!

Evo Driver Cuts off Motorcycle, Instant Karma!
Dear Ladies and Gentleman, in this episode of instant karma we bring you a British Mitsubishi Evolution driver, that likes to be an asshole and cut off a bike in the middle of the turn. No his behavior does not go unpunished no, in the same corner his aggressive and totally uncalled for idiotic driving behavior is rewarded with loss of control over the afore mentioned EVO. Although the Mitsubishi has 4-wheel drive and is more or less point and shoot when it comes to acceleration, it is obvious that even the sophisticated electronically controlled differentials do not prevent you from being stupid. The incident was almost surely caused by lift off oversteer. This is the effect of letting off the gas mid corner while accelerating and it causes a massive shift in weight towards the front wheels while still pulling lateral G’s. This causes the back of the car to transfer the weight to the front axle and spin around but unlike power oversteer which is caused by breaking traction under power it is much harder to control (correct) due to the weight transfer. The only lucky brake he caught is not hitting anything and driving away with only a bruised ego, and a cool video for us.

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