EXPERIMENT – Glowing 1000 degree KNIFE VS COCA COLA!


It has happened to all of us, we go on YouTube to watch one video and after a while we realize we have been starring at the screen for hours watching videos that we never searched for, but somebody was crazy enough to make them and for unexplainable reasons we are mesmerized by them.
Today’s video is just that kind of find, who would have thought that watching a glowing hot knife cutting into stuff could be so addictive and entertaining.
It all starts with heating up a knife until its red hot using three burners and then the first victim comes along. As the knife starts cutting into the victim, the victim actually screams, no we are not talking about a living being but not in a million years could we have guessed that a bar of soap would make a sound similar to squalling when cut by a hot knife.
Don’t believe us? Play the video and find out for yourself, but don’t blame us if you get stuck in a hour long cycle of watching videos.

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