This ‘Ambiguous Cylinders’ Illusion is Blowing My Tiny Mind!


This ‘ambiguous cylinders’ illusion is blowing my tiny mind!

Are you ready to get your mind blown and reality to be thrown out of the window?
Well here it comes anyway, this is one of craziest illusions that we have seen, and actually that anyone has seen and it was rewarded at the Best illusions of the year contests.
The “trick” is actually the ambiguous cylinders’, hence the name off course and is made by Kokichi Sugihar, who teaches engineering at the Meiji University in his native Japan.
You might remember him as the creator of the “magic” Anti Gravity slopes that had us staring and rubbing our eyes a while back.

Using the principle that depends on the angle that you are actually observing the structure he made these videos that are probably surpassing Houdini’s illusions these days.
We tried to understand how all this works, we know they are cut at the top or something like that but our tiny brain could not fathom it so we decided to blame it on the alcohol and go get a beer.
We hope he can do this with our beer belly, but it would be kinda awkward walking with a mirror on the beach.

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