Rider Charged by Bear at Bike Park!

Trail hazards: BEARS!

Single track downhill biking is getting to be more and more popular by the minute and there are a number of reasons why this sport has grown in popularity in the past five or so years.
Adrenaline is by far the most important reason why people get on an expensive bike, put on layers of protective gear and fly thru the forest, but some of the riders say that they really enjoy being close to mother nature on two wheels and not polluting it.
Well this time these two bikers get a bit too close to mother nature, or to be exact, mother nature gets too close to them, in a form of a huge bear, that starts running after the first biker it sees.
Maybe the bear just wanted to race, and had no foul intentions, but the biker is not sticking around to find out, as he flies down the Slovakian mountain to get as far as he can away from that beast.
We understand that there have been numerous fake videos with similar content lately, but to us this looks like the real deal, so check it out and tell us what you think, real or fake?

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