We have all heard amazing sea stories, and most of them have been known to have been loosely based on facts, since as older the sailor get, their imagination starts working in overdrive we guess since who would think that they could make up such stories that they can.
We have heard it all, from giant rouge waves, to disappearing storms to all sorts of huge animals that have never again been seen.
This time however, the story you are about to witness is entirely true, since these sailors have it on tape so it really happened.
As they engage in the Sea Power Demonstration, the USS Dewey is passing the aircraft carrier USS Stennis at full speed, while encountering some high seas.
Apparently, the captain of the Tiger Cruise has tremendous confidence in his crew ad vessel as he takes the huge waves head on, and takes a huge nose dive into the drink, as what looks like the most of the crew of the aircraft carrier has lined up to enjoy the show.
Play the video and enjoy it for yourself, just be warned to turn the speakers down as the PA system might be damaging to your speaker.

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