Pro Mod US Army Truck Blows Off Doors In Insane Drag Race vs Plan B Vette!

Take a look at this insane drag Pro Mod US Army Truck vs Plan B Vette!

In one of the coolest races we have seen in a while, and believe us we seen tons of them, the incredible Por Mod US Army Truck, lines up at the starting line to face off the twin turbo C5 Plan B Vette, and literally blows his door off.

The badass truck, gets out of the hole like something you have only seen in a cartoon, because it looks like the laws of physics do not really apply to this vehicle.
This “rusty old” truck, has the look of a real fighter and boy once those lights turn green, it shows us that this fighter can swing and swing hard.
The mere fact that the door flew off, should be a sign how quick this monster is, and let’s not forget that the Plan B Vette is also one helluva ride, so play the video and find out who won this round.

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