Terrifying Car Bomb Shockwave caught on video !

Terrifying Car Bomb Shockwave caught on video !
Roadside bombs have been the number one killers in the past 10 years within the military.
Many times the armored vehicles of the new generations have been able to withstand the destructive forces created by these simple but dangerous devices but as the armor gets thicker, it appears that their power gets greater in order to provide more destructive force.
The incredible yield of this one is something that kept us amazed for a long time, as we watch the video over and over again, of what is explained to be a car bomb, but the shockwave appears to be something of an entirely different class.
The guy filming the entire event appears to be about 100 yards away, and to see him knocked to the ground by the shockwave is something incredible, and so see the actual shockwave spreading on the video is scary and breathtaking.
Play the video and tell us what you think, could this be just a car bomb or something of an entire different magnitude?

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