Harley Rider Crashes Into Light Pole!


We all know that the Harley Davidson motorcycles are one of the most famous motorcycles in the world but if you know anything about bikes, you know that none are the champions off road driving.
Once again this is proved in the vide you are about to watch.
The whole thing starts as a group of various motorcycles are driving around in a group and the first thing that comes to mind is; Why is that Harley driving on the sidewalk.
Well he will soon learn why the bikes are supposed to be ridden on the street and not the sidewalk, as he gets launched off his bike straight into a stoplight pole, tearing it off the sidewalk.
The real collateral damage is the rider on the super-moto bike that falls down due to the stupidity of the Harley rider.
Check out the video and see why bikes are to be ridden on the street, and not on the sidewalk.

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