Watch The Infamous ‘Ice Car’ Be Liberated From Frozen Shell!

Watch The Infamous ‘Ice Car’ Be Liberated From Frozen Shell.

We are sure you have seen the frozen Mitsubishi Lancer because it went viral and the whole internet was talking about it but in case you missed it here is the short story.
A guy in upstate New York parks his Japanese machine in front of a restaurant overnight right next to the coast of Lake Erie, when he comes back the next morning he is literally frozen in his footsteps since the lake waves and strong freezing winds decided to turn his Lancer into a true ice sculpture.
Now wanting to wait until spring to get to his car again, he decides to recruit the help of a local tow company to free his ride from the frozen grips of winter.
Before we tell you to watch the video we must warn you that no, he is not using huge sledge hammers to free his ride, although we were kinda hopping he would, they pulled the vehicle free by pulling on his wheel leaving a perfect imprint of a Mitsubishi Lancer in the ice.

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