Semi Truck Got Rescued By The Mighty Dodge RAM Pick Up Truck!


Mighty Dodge RAM Pickup Truck Pulls Semi Truck!

The very appearance of the Dodge RAM Pickup truck brings a presence of America wherever it shows up. The big hood, and the tough looking body are something that everybody likes. Most of us would be happy with the way the truck looks but would want it not to be all show and no go. To confirm this, we have a video of a big Semi Truck being stuck in the snow and guess who comes at the rescue. The 4.4 V8 engine makes the whole operation seem like child play it has more than enough power to pull the big rig and get it out of trouble but also the 4×4 drive makes the pull without even slipping a tire. If you look close on the video there is a Ford Super Duty that arrives at the scene, but just kind of sits there not doing anything. Was it saying to itself, “I wish I can be strong enough to do that” or was it just thinking, “Go ahead Dodge, bust a drive shaft so I can show you how it’s done? You can tell us in the comment section, in the meantime enjoy the video.

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