’71 Challenger Vs ’73 Challenger Drag Battle!

1971 Challenger vs 1973 Challenger in a drag race on the streets of Lebanon!
If you are following the world of sports and muscle car scene, then you know that one of the Middle East countries where people are crazy about muscle cars and drag racing is Lebanon. So, here we have one short drag race video that comes from the streets of Lebanon, and here you will see something that will put a huge smile to the face of the Mopar fans. Here we have 1971 Dodge Challenger racing against 1973 Dodge Challenger in a street drag challenge.
We don’t support this kind of racing, because on the streets there is a high possibility to appear pedestrians or kids at any moment, but there are people in the world that don’t care about this. But now we are concentrating on these two generations of the Challenger.
It is really a great pleasure to see these two amazing Mopar examples on the other side of the globe. So, check out the video here to see who will win the race. We don’t have a chance to see a 1973 Dodge Challenger very often.

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