Beware a Holiday Scam That Tricks You With a $100 Bill


Beware a Holiday Scam That Tricks You With a $100 Bill!

The holiday season in upon us and as always it brings us joy shopping and a large amount of cash spent, in order to give to our loved ones and make them a bit happier with the perfect gift for Christmas.
But just like this season is busy for the shoppers it appears to be busy for the scam artists out there and this year they have a clever new trick to get you distracted as they help themselves to your belongings.
This time it is a $ 100 bill left underneath your windshield that is intended to distract you since we don’t know anybody that would just leave it there without picking the bill up and probably spend it on even more presents for the loved ones. But here is where it gets tricky.
Most of us will see the bill once we are ready to leave which means the car is unlocked started and then we get out of it to walk to the front of it and pick up the bill, but that is the exact time when they would strike, with the engine running and the door wide open they would drive off with your car that you have just unlocked and started for them.
So, check out the video and see what is the M.O. of the scammers this year and how to protect against it in order to have a Merry Christmas.

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