Chevrolet Chevelle with a blown 572 on the road!


Nobody Will Ever Confuse This Chevelle As Being A Sleeper!

Not all fast cars display their ability right away by their stance or by their looks in general. Some of them look like regular automobiles that all of a sudden wake up and turn in to the Hulk. On the other hand some cars that you take a look at look powerful and you are sure of their abilities without even taking a peak under the hood. This Chevelle definitely fits in the second explanation of vehicles. The huge Blower and the big air intake peaking out of the hood are telling you there is something big and mighty underneath them. And there is, a 572 big block Chevy (9.4 L) is one of the biggest engine sold to the public without government restriction. Check out the video and hear the mighty exhaust note of this muscle car.

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