UNBELIEVABLE: No Vibrations With Square Wheels ON! Do You Believe In This MYTH?

Square Wheels

We know that you are a fan of Mythbusters and that you have watched every episode. You love their concept, sense of humor, the uniqueness of the show, and their ability to cross the limits. Jamie and Adam, with high risk and a lot of will, continue to show and prove us some laws in the world of cars, but this time their main theme is the wheels.
Why the wheels are in circle form? Physics have the answer, but Mythbuster will show you something different. They installed square wheels on one truck, and they wanted to show us that they can move with a certain speed and the level of vibration will be reduced and they will get a smooth ride. Now you are asking did they succeed. Well, this ride wasn’t long enough to show us the answer of the question, but if they have a longer ride, those square wheels would turn into round wheels for sure.
We are sure that you will have fun watching the following video. Now we are waiting for Adam and Jamie to try driving on triangular wheels. Can they do that?

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