Classic Muscle Car Street Racing On Route 66!!

Classic Muscle Car Street Racing On Route 66 Will Make U Love America Again!

Depending in who you ask the answer to the simple question, why you love America, will be answered with a huge variety of answers. And we are not talking about just the people that live here, we are talking about anybody in the world.
Some will say freedom, some will say, opportunities, some will mention democracy.
There is one pretty big group of people that will give you pretty much the same answer, and those are the ones that we are appealing to today, since there is no car lover in the world that will not tell you the same thing.
They love America because of muscle cars, drag racing, and route 66!

So for them, we have the perfect video, that will bring all of this together, yes, we have a video of classic muscle cars, street racing on the actual Route 66.

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