How They Removed 1,400 Cars And A Sunk Ship!

How They Removed a Sunk Container Ship and 1,400 Cars!

We all know the Dutch care about their environment a lot, they care so much that all of their railway system is powered 100% by wind power, so in a way they do not spend a dime to run the entire system and also the entire pollution from the rail transport is virtually 0.
They have so many wind turbines that aside from the trains, they supply a great deal of electricity from renewable energy.
So, when they decided to spend $73 million on an operation to remove the sunk vehicle carrying vessel the Baltic Ace just for ecological reasons (the ship had 540,000 liters of fuel on board) nobody was surprised.
The vessel had sunk a few years ago, after a collision with a container carrier close to one of the main shipping lanes into the very busy Rotterdam port, taking a total of 1,400 vehicles with him.
Play the video and see how they removed nearly 13 thousand tons of wreckage from the bottom of the sea.

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