Dodge Charger Converted to Two Door Widebody!


Late Model Dodge Charger Converted to Two Door Widebody!

It appears that some of the car enthusiasts have a real issue with the newest Dodge Charger, and their biggest complaint is the number of doors. In their “professional” opinion a real muscle car that the charger is trying to be should not have four doors so the newer model is pure blasphemy.
Some of them went so far that they decided to customize the Charger and take away its two doors making it a coupe, but these guys did not stop there.
A big body kit is now providing room for extremely big wheels that look like steam rollers. This thing is now riding on airbags so the height of the car is adjustable in order to give it the perfect look for the showroom and at the same time being able to be used on normal roads without destroying itself every time there is a speed bump.
What do you think did they actually make it better or did they destroyed this thing?

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