Edd China has made an announcement sure to disappoint Wheeler Dealer fans!

Edd China has shocked his fans.

One of the best things to come from British TV production these past years has certainly been the popular show called wheeler dealers, which has an amazingly simple plot; buy a used vehicle, preferably one with a nice backstory to it, give it to Ed China, the mechanic wizard and then sell it for a profit.
During the transformation, Ed will show us the best hidden secrets about the vehicle and explain step by step in amazing detail how to do it yourself.
For 13 years, Ed has been taking on the most complexed mechanical jobs and managed to find the way to overcome the problems.
Now it seems that he has had enough of it, and we don’t mean fixing cars, he has fought with producers that are trying to cut the very detailed sequences that take place in his workshop but he is not willing to give them up because that was what has made him famous.
Instead he decided to quit, play the video and consider this his two week notice.

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