How NOT To Drag Race On A Motorcycle!


How not to drag race on a motorcycle! Must watch this video!

How not to drag race on a motorcycle! Must watch this video!
Launching a sport bike can get tricky, and in order to perform a perfect launch really takes some skill and practice. Drop the clutch at low RPMs and you are not taking off fast enough, drop it at too much RPM and you end up starring at the sky and maybe even flipping the bike end over end, to it really takes a perfect balance in order to get the best out of the bike. The newest machines are equipped with a launch control and a so-called “tilt” sensor, this controls the angle of the bike relative to the ground, preventing it from flipping over by reducing the throttle.
But like we said this is on the newest bikes, on this older model, one that by the looks of it is a Yamaha R6 (feel free to correct us if we are wrong) none of this is available so the biker needs to do all by himself.
Well, not to spoil the video, but that looked like a really easy race for the bike (the BMW on the left weighs about 4000 lbs. and the bike about 300 lbs.) turned into a nightmare.
Check out the video and remember you should always wear a helmet, for example this guy got saved the embracement by hiding his face behind one.

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