Woman CRASHES On Top of $400,000 Ferrari 458 Supercar!


Woman backs car onto hood of Ferrari 458 Speciale while parking!

Take that, said the 30-year-old Mercedes climbed on top of the hood of the brand new Ferrari 458 Speciale’s hood with its massive metal rear end.

Well maybe we got a bit carried away with the intro but it was a real sad scene when a woman driving a 1980 Mercedes 380SL misjudged the rear end of the car and basically drove over the carbon hood of the limited series race-car for the street 458 Speciale.

The incident took place at the Cars and Coffee event held at Great Falls Virginia, where a large number of cars showed up for the meet, but one of them will be leaving without the possibility to claim “accident free” if he ever decides to sell it. This is pretty important since the 458 Speciale is the last of its naturally aspirated kind and is expected to reach a collector’s status.

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