Snow Removal the Basshead way!


One of the best things about winter is the snow which makes everything look magical and gets the kids extatically happy, well not just the kids to be honest.
But the grownups still have to deal with it, if you lived in an area that gets a lot of snow you must remember how some mornings you have to get out 10 minutes earlier to clear the snow off your vehicle in order to be able to drive it.
This cold and sometimes annoying task can be turned into great fun apparently if like this guy, you own a vehicle with an astonishing 30,000 wats of stereo power, mainly powering the huge number of subwoofers installed.
Aside from being the party piece and winning awards at car shows apparently, all that power can be employed into clearing the snow off the vehicle, the throbbing base shakes the car so much that the snow flows off of it like water.
Play the video and see for yourself how the loudest snow removal technique works.

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