Diesel Dave Takes Revenge On Gasser Who Makes The Mistake Of Parking And Leaving His Car In…


Diesel Dave takes revenge on a gasser who parks and leaves his vehicle in front of the diesel pump!
Have you ever heard of Diesel Dave? If you have, then you are probably his fan already. But, if you haven’t, we recommend you not to make him angry because he is ready for revenge.
The rule number one is – try not to make Dave angry and furious, because you get what you deserve. He despises drivers who park their vehicles before the diesel pumps and keeping him away from filling up the tank of his big Ram pickup truck.
In this video he takes revenge on one guy who parked his car before the diesel pump. So, he tows the car and removes it from the diesel pump. After that, he parks his pickup truck in front of the diesel pump. Unfortunately, this video doesn’t show us the moment when the driver comes back to the pump.
Diesel Dave is a man who just loves two things – his beard and his truck. He wants to make people scared and he goes around his neighborhood and does some really crazy things. So, because of this there are so many people who don’t like him, but he is really original and cool. Check out the video to see how he takes revenge on this driver.

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