This is How “NOT” to Street Race lol

This is How NOT to Street Race lol

Reasons Why Street Racing IS Not Always The Smartest Choice!

Yes you can consider this as a public announcement, and yes we know you have heard it many times before, but please, please remember races are not meant to be held on busy open roads. Always use the racing track for competing in high powered vehicles whatever the discipline may be.
This is a video taken in Ocean City on MD’s cruising weekend where at the stoplight we have a Truck and a Car staging at the wrong kind of lights. Instead of the drag strip “Christmas lights” these guys are on stoplights in the middle of traffic. And when the truck gets the start wrong it is only pure luck and quick braking reaction by the driver of the other vehicle in the next lane that prevent an accident. So please watch the video and see what can go wrong when instead of the track, you are using the streets for car racing.

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