Horrible Mustang owner of the month goes to this guy!



Yes, it’s a Mustang vs. Crowd once again, and to be honest it is kinda getting old at this point but if mustang drivers keep insisting on nearly running people over, there is not much we can do but show you the videos of all those times that the powerful rear-wheel driver car, gets the best of them
It’s pretty simple actually, if you can handle all that power, just stop trying to drift on a public street lined with people on both sides. Go to a track, learn how to handle all that power and the basics of purposely sliding the rear end in a controlled environment, not somewhere where the potential of injuring someone is huge.
This incident occurred at one of the Cars and Coffee events, where upon leaving, people try to impress the crowd with their powerful machines, but apparently sometimes it doesn’t go as planned.
We are glad to report that this time, there were no injuries, and that was in part helped by the curb which managed to protect the bystanders at the cost of the Mustang’s suspension.
Watch the video and remember, it is not that hard to leave an event safely, be reasonable and do not attempt to entertain the crowd with maneuvers that you have not mastered properly.

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