Nuclear Missile Gets Rear Ended!


Did He just rear-ended that nuclear weapon?
You probably don’t know how the military transports one of the deadliest weapons ever created. Yes you can insert the famous 2007 accidental transportation of nuclear missiles joke and say “Without even them knowing it”, but for transporting them on purpose, we are here to enlighten you. Besides the “Light-skinned” pickups there are a few heavily armored and heavily armed vehicles that make sure nobody hijacks the valuable cargo. Additionally a few helicopters and federal marshals are involved in this as well. The vigilance that they show is kind off deteriorated by the fact that the following vehicle did not pay close attention and actually rear ended the 18 wheeler transporting the missile. In all fairness it takes quite the bang to get the thing to go off so nobody was in harm’s way during the making of this video, except for the bumper of the big rig. Check out the video and tell us, do you think the guy filming is actually the one that caused them to slow down and the accident as well?

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