“Pro Daily” Camaro – BIG MUSCLE!!


Big Muscle’s controversy at its finest.
Ignore the internet, and build a Pro daily Camaro– says Big Muscle, um… over the internet.
In their video, big muscle presents us with a beautiful Camaro, which is the epiphany of compromise.
Instead of building a pro touring or pro street vehicle, they tell us to combine them both and build a “pro daily” car that will have the best of both worlds. It will be able to go at speed in a straight line, and also not curl up in a ball and cry every time it sees a corner, thus making it the ultimate daily driver.
The car in the video is like the girl you want to take home to meet mom. It is not the prettiest, not the craziest, and not the loudest, but it has it all, in the right amounts. It has upgraded everything, yet it has something that is called comfort, amongst other thing in a form of an AC and a decent ground clearance, and that counts for allot.
Check out the video while the owner explains the idea and the realization of that idea in the build of this vehicle.

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