Scramjet The Engine That Will Take Humanity Beyond Mach 10!


We live in the era of one of the biggest continuous technological advancements since the beginning of time, because if you think about is, in the past 100 years, we have motorized, industrialized, and we have nearly perfected air travel to the point that this is now the safest way to travel.
Where do we go from here? Well some might say that in a way the last 10 years we have slowed progress in air travel down, since the grounding of the supersonic passenger jet the Concorde which provided the fastest way to travel, unless you are an Airforce jet fighter pilot.
Is there something to top the Concorde or speed up the current air travel? Well yes and no at the same time, although the technology we will show you called scramjet has been tested to incredible speeds of beyond mach10, in reality the aircraft is extremely far from mass production.
At the moment, it needs to be pushed over the sound barrier or, the speed of Mach one, before it can start being operational.
Play the video and see how close are we to traveling 10 times the speed of sound, in commercial aircraft.

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