This 4 Millions Dollars Machine Can Fill Aircraft Hangars With Foam in Only 2 Minutes !


4 Million Dollars Can Buy A Lot Of Foam, This Hangar Fills Up Fast!
This stuff is crazy, that room fills up fast!

The best way to put out a when chemicals are involved is with foam. When it comes to Airforce hangars you can be sure there is a list of pretty bad chemicals laying around so in case of a fire you would want them covered in foam as fast as you can in order for the fire to be contained.
This video shows a test of firefighting equipment that can fill up a hanger in just minutes and this way prevent fires from spreading. Yes, you might call it the 4-million-dollar foam party machine and it will be correct but, the main purpose is fighting fires and not partying, says the Airforce, while surprisingly keeping a straight face.

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