The FARM TRUCK! The ultimate sleeper truck!

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The Chevy C10 pickup that you will see in the following video looks like it is a completely crusty heap and much abused by its owner. But that impression is very wrong. Can you believe that this truck runs 12.3 second ¼ miles?
The formula is to take an old Chevy C10 pickup truck, put a 502 Cu. In. Big block engine under the hood, back it with an all-drag-racing Driveline, feed it a nose full of nitrous, put some big Hoosier drag slicks, reinforce the chassis, and a truck cap and one Pizza delivery sign on the top, and the truck is ready for racing. And also a cute train horn.
The creator of this thing is Sean, who also created the “Pimp Juice” that is a very popular waterbox solution that is used to warm up and clean the tires before a drag run. It is also great at accentuating the formation of vaporized rubber clouds. This guy went the extra mile with a license plate with ZZZZZZ. Check out the video !

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