The incredible Buell X2 Lightning by Sartorie Meccaniche


When Becky Johnson bloomed from a spectacled wallflower to a stunning drool-inducer between the 9th grade and 10th grade, that was the same situation when the gearheads at Sartorie Meccaniche have converted this Buell x1 Lightning into a real café racer that is also a real looker.


The backend is completely custom-made, instead of electronic injection now the work is done by a brand new giant carburetor, and instead of the stock tank there is a Norton endurance tank that is made from fiberglass. The new name for this baby is “Belva”, and while the English of the SM webpage is quite blotchy, we completely get the gist of what they mean when they said that when you push the button the beast came back to life and the magic happen, it really looks like this amazing bike is a living animal that need to be tamed.


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