This THING EATS Everything! The TORQUE Must Be Insane! What Would You Throw In It?

This THING EATS Everything

Cars, tires, fridges… this thing can eat everything and the torque must be incredible!
We are sure that everyone of us in some part in his life has found himself in a situation that you need to destroy some old things that you have in your backyard, house, garage, but you don’t have the will and means to do it properly. Some of us will use some extreme ways and methods, and the other doesn’t have any other choice but to pay for someone else to do that job for them. But now we will present you one amazing machine that can solve this problem. The name of this machine is “Thing That Eats Everything” like the video says. And you must believe that it really does it. From old tires to furniture, it eats all like it is a piece of cake. Watch the video to see this amazing machine. Enjoy!

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