Funny S*** Truck Owners Say!


Now we all know that all the enthusiasts love their vehicle, and some of the love to talk about them more than others, and some just won’t shut up about their vehicle and all the modifications that they have done to it even if they are not exactly true and although most of the mods are barely even used.
Today focus is on truck owners and especially the ones that like to brag about their vehicle, this is a parody of how they sound in order to impress their friends and whoever they talk to with the things that make their truck special.
The is a video made by the YouTube channel Vehicle Virgins and they are ripping on the rednecks and redneck truck owners which according to this guy like to compensate for their private area with the impressive size of their vehicle. Check out the video and tell us, did you like it or was it a lame attempt to attack the redneck truck owners?

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