The All New 2015 Ford F250 Super Chief Is SIMPLY AMAZING! - –

The new Chief is here. Meet the Amazing 2015 Ford F-250 Super Chief.

The people at Ford know the importance of their F-250 and that’s why they put their best and brightest in the business to make the newest one truly special.
In fairness this one does look like a concept model and not the real road going version, since amongst other futuristic things it is powered by a tri-flex engine. What this means is that this beast can run on gasoline, ethanol and hydrogen. The power-train responsible for burning the first two is an 6,8 liter V10, that will be burning the fuel helped by a supercharger to gulp more air into its belly.
This will put the engine at 425 horsepower, but they are not showing any data if the fuel cell that will be powered by the hydrogen will be able to be used at the same time, which will raise the combined horsepower for this beast.
The inside is pure luxury that has not been seen inside this class of vehicles so far. The interior looks more accustomed to a Maybach and a Rolls Royce then a super duty pick-up vehicle.
To find out more, click on the video below and be ready to be amazed.

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