Train Head on Train Collision!



Trains are one of the most efficient ways to move a cargo, did you know that if you calculate the fuel consumption per one ton, or close to it, a 1ton car equivalent would be 235 miles to the gallon. So, if your car is close a ton of weight, and it is as efficient as a train it should do about 200 miles per gallon.
One of the reasons for it, is the bulk of the load itself, and this thing is the same reason it takes them about a mile to stop from approximately 55 miles an hour.
Today’s video brings us two trains headed for each other trying to stop in time, but due to all that weight, they end up crashing into each other head on.

Play the video and see how the operator from the opposite side says, I’m outa here and jump off the locomotive, and believe us, we ain’t blaming him for it.

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