2600hp 575ci Outerlimits Powerboat! Loud Start Up!



Contrary to popular beliefs, powerboats are not vehicle used strictly for racing and by drug smugglers. There is actually quite big fan base for them and many times the fan base is the same one as the muscle car fan base. Reason for it is simple, they both use huge, sweet sounding V8 Supercharged engines, crafted and tuned to perfection.
This beast runs a couple of 575 Mercury Racing engines that are good for 1300 hp each and that’s just on pump gas. If you feed those beasts some racing fuel they will thank you for it by delivering about 1650 horsepower each. Now that’s what we call gratitude.
Turn up the speakers and enjoy this symphony on land and water, and while some of the commentaries are about whether the engine surges at idle due to the carburetors being out of tune, or due to the aggressive cams, or the supercharger jamming too much air down the throat of that engine, we can honestly say, we don’t care, as long as we get to hear this beast scream.

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