Cummins Supercharged Turbo Diesel Cadillac DeVille!

Ugly is Beautiful: Cummins Supercharged Turbo Diesel Powered Cadillac DeVille!

Now we never thought we are going to start an article with this sentence, but this Cadillac DeVille is so ugly that it’s kinda beautiful.
Yes, we are well aware that at times this supercharged Cummins diesel powered Cadillac looks unfinished and extremely unsophisticated, but then again even without any paint on it, it has a way of attracting your gaze and not letting go. There is no “in the middle” opinion about this ride, you either love it or hate it. As the rest of the enthusiasts that turned out for the Cars & Coffee event found out, this ride attracts attention and maybe that’s what the owner originally wanted, just to be noticed, be it even for a car that to some looks ugly.
Check out the video and tell us what you think of it, would you ride something like this?

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