The Jet Capsule Reptile Mini Yacht is perfect hand-built yacht from Italy!
The Jet Capsule built by Lazzarini is designed as a more intimate option than the typical luxury yacht. The Jet Capsule was the ultimate mini yacht that provides luxury amenities without sacrificing maneuverability and performance on the water. The Italy-based brand now has one-upped themselves with the reveal of this Jet Capsule Reptile.
A faster, lighter, more performance oriented version of the original yacht, this is the perfect vehicle if you want to be out on the water. The Jet Capsule Reptile is packed with a 570 HP llmore MV8 high performance engine, it weighs 1,102 pounds less than the predecessor, and it can reach speeds of up to 50 knots (that is about 58 MPH). The compact water vessel is built from carbon fiber, and it measures in at 24.6 feet long by 11.5 feet wide. This yacht offers a room for 8 to 12 passengers plus the captain of the yacht. Each one of the Reptiles are hand built in Italy, it takes about 9 months to deliver, and you will have to prepare over $280,000.

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